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Proverbs in Cimbrian

Boinichtn in snea, Oastarn in khlea.Natale con la neve, Pasqua con il trifoglio.
Dar vinkh vinkht, dar snea iz daThe chaffinch “chaffinches”, snow is here.
Sant’Andrea augemist pitt snea
Sant'Andrea "mixed" with snow.
A Santa Kataròin boazpar nètt bidarda bart soin, ma a Sant’Andrea saibar sichar augemist pitt snea. On St. Catherine’s day we do not know, but on St. Andrew’s day we will certainly have snow.
Beda dar må hatt an groazan kroaz, ’z bèttar gitt um.When the moon has a great halo, the weather gets worse.
’Z izta di sunn un renk, dar taüvl hatt geschlak soi baibe.
It's raining and it's sunny, the devil has beaten his wife.
San Paul Konvèrs, kheart di burtz zuar dar khèrs.St. Paul Converted, root turns to cherry.
Balda krakn di kre khint dar bint.When crows croak, the wind comes.
Bi ’z tondart in aprìle soinda no hintar noün tage bintar. If it thunders in April, there are still nine days of winter.
Balda schèrtzan di khüa, barnensa a schaüla bèttar. When the cows jump, they forecast bad weather.
Berda in lest von djennar khocht nètt in putschìng lebet nètt lengar. Those who do not eat "putschìng" on the last Thursday of January will not survive beyond that.
A khnott boda rodlt bart nia machan rakh.A rolling rock can never make moss.
Balda di khatz velt di maüs tåntzan.When the cat is away, the mice will play.
Azpe di altn håm gesungen, asó visplnda di djungen.Old men sang, young men whistle.
Du mochst sparn pan lukh, ombrómm attn pon iz kartza spet.You have to spare at the lid, because on the bottom of the pot it's too late.
’Z baibe boda nètt straitet, dar hunt boda nètt pèllt, di khatz boda nètt vånk maüs, mochtmase nètt haltn in haus.It is not worth keeping a woman who does not grumble, a dog that does not bark and a cat that does not hunt rats.
Rümbl rümbl berda eppaz gitt geat in hümbl; raübl raübl berda nicht gitt geat kan taüvl.Heavens, heavens, those who something give to heaven go; cabbage, cabbage, those who nothing give to the devil go.
Dar taüvl schaizt hèrta attn groaz hauf. The devil always stacks on the biggest pile.
’Z èstle berdaz vinnt un di vögela berdase nimmp.The nest to those who find it, the birds to those who take them.
Vil töala, khlummane öala.Many parts, small eggs (many mouths to feed).
Asó geat di bèlt, ber hatt ’z müz un ber hatt ’z gèlt. That’s how the world turns, some have money and some have cash.